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What I Learned on My Trip to Hindustan

  1. There is a place called Hindustan.

2.  30% of the cows on the planet live in India.

3. Hindu has no leader who can talk directly with the 300,000,000 gods to help keep the religion up to date with time and science.

4. There are a lot of really big forts in Hindustan, surrounded by really big walls.

5. The Taj Mahal is a spoiled rich kid’s nicer, but not much if any bigger, copy of grandpa’s tomb in Delhi.

6. An India bike has 28″ inch wheels and a 46½” wheelbase.  They cost about $60 USD.  They have mechanical linkage brakes, one gear, and a very heavy steel frame.  I want one, but shipping was going to be $1,300 US.

7. Jodhpur blue is really, really blue.  Actually ultramarine.   The powdered colorant is relatively inexpensive, a 500g bag cost me Rs 40.
Hex triplet #3F00FF
sRGBB (r, g, b) (63, 0, 255)
CMYKH (c, m, y, k) (75, 100, 0, 0)

8. The City Palace, aka Chitta Palace or the Umaid Bhawan Palace, in Jodhpur was built between 1929 and 1943.  It was designed by a British architectural Henry Vaughan Lanchester in Indo-Deco style.  It is one of the largest personal residences in the world, and in 1971, a portion was converted to a hotel that charges about one of my month’s income for a night in a room. Per Tripadvisor.com, The Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel  is the best (or neer the top of the list)  hotel in the entire world.

9. Hindustanis to not mess around with authority, be it their gods, the military or the police.

10.  In the Delhi Metro stations, where all luggage/back packs are X-Rayed and all bodies are searched/patted down, when the police shout out (in Hindi) “form a single line,” the men (women have separate lines) form the tightest line I have ever experienced.

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Cadets, Alumni Tailgating Freedom And Football – News Story – KRDO Colorado Springs

Cadets, Alumni Tailgating Freedom And Football – News Story – KRDO Colorado Springs.

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Fixed that sound track…..

..really, but somehow when YouTube processes the sound it sounds like we are walking and talking in a huge sewer pipe. Through the new noise, you can hear the sounds of nature that were previously covered over by electronic noise.  Thanks to Soundtrack Pro, the noise can be erased leaving a clean sound track.

Also note that you are automatically watching in HD and wide screen. 


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the SECOND video

But this looks better in HD!


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Figured out how to post a movie

Dinner At Brian’s

It wasn’t hard. This was a just a quick job of practicing some of the skills that I’ve been learning in my Final Cut Studio training.  I had to dumb down the compression of the MPEG-4 file so that the end file would be less than 10 MB, my php limit here on a wordpress site.  I did not use auto start, so you will have to press the play button to see this film.

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So it’s been 5 days steeping the tannins out… Please don’t comment that I was a few minutes late taking the comparative photo this afternoon, I know I was…

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I Like to Watch


I’ve posted my Frameline 32 choices. To see what I will probably be attending, visit frameline.castrocam.net.

The field is initially looking week, particularly the Documentaries which are almost exclusively being shown at the Roxie and Victoria Theaters. I will NOT be attending any of the films at the Victoria — we’ve been pressing our luck too long at that location. It is an UMB right on top of Mission Creek.

See the entire Festival Program at http://www.frameline.org/festival/

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What a difference a day makes…

What a difference in just one day. The few leaks were all but gone by early morning, but the water is “clearly” taking on the the reddish tint of the of Western Red Cedar tannins. I have heard that the tub will continue to leach the tannins for several months. The tub might even be heated by then.

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Fill’er Up!

After three trips to Lowes down by the airport, I finally got the right parts in the right sizes and cut the pipe to the right size, all glued onto place. After a quick lunch which gave the PVC cement some time to cure, it was long last the time to test my coperage skills.

After a quick interior rinse, I began to fill up the tub. Before there was even an inch of water over the bottom, two leaks started to show up — the two places where one could see some light between the staves after the initial tightening of the hoops.

It took exactly 30.0 minutes to fill’er up to six inches below the top. But for the initial break-in period, I took it all the way up. Hmmm . . . yep, a few leaks around the outside, all but one at the joints between staves at the bottom, the other leak being up at the top. It appears that the croze is holding well. What a reward for the work that the croze took. All it took was a few more turns on the hoop nuts and the biggest leak totally stopped. The rest continued to ooze a bit, but even only three hours later, the leak rate started to significantly drop off. They say in the business that it can take up to two weeks to leak-free. We’ll see.

The strong afternoon winds caused a seiche to form thus flipping the top 3/4″ of water out on over this sides. By late afternoon, the wind had also carried pollen to form a fine layer on the water surface, and as you can see from the pics, it didn’t take too long for he water fowl to foul the bottom.

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