Another Weekend at The Chamisal

Lucky me . . I got to spend yet another weekend at the Chamisal. It was probably one of the coldest Memorial Day Weekends on record, but great for testing out the bike in the meadow and doing concrete work.

After an interesting annual meeting of the property owners’ association, a few of the neighbors came by to check out the garden, then . .
I did a quick test of my new (bought in September but still an off-road virgin) mountain bike. Way cool to actually sit on a seat while going over bumps. Then we pruned the chardonnay rousanne, marsanne and mourvedre in the vinyard till it got late.

A cool but sunny Monday was perfect for mixing up 16 sacks of concrete. For more pictures of the weekend, visit


Escape from the Bay-to-Breakers

SF gets cut in half on Bay-2-Breakers sunday as the thousands of drunk runners make there way along the route. Kevin & I had been wanting to check out Alamere for some time, and with the heat of the past three days, what better time to hike the coast trail. We got out of town before the race closed the streets north — drove north up One to Bolinas and up to the Palomarin Trailhead. The park rangers there ticketing illegal campers and dog walkers told us the fog would clear at 11.

C-The sun comes fully out at the end of the hike

Per my good friend Matt’s instructions, we took the first “posted” trail to the left after passing what we thought (based on time and distance) had to be Pelican Lake through the fog. The trail led us around the lake then upwards to the cliff about 1000′ over the breakers, then an odd fellow came out of the fog to tell us that we were at an awesome overlook had it not been foggy. He also let us know that we had cut off the trail about 30 feet too soon, true.


We finally found the right trail, posted as “Alamere Falls – trail not maintained” with a hand written note “Poison Oak,” and made our way down the creek to the top of the falls just about 11, the time that the ranger told us the fog would clear…..

Just after our arrival, the fog lifted a bit that we could see the Point Reyes seashore below the ceiling, but certainly no sun.


Stream leading to the top of the falls

The creek leading to the top of the falls is actually more interesting looking on your way out. We decided we needed to come back some time when the sun is shining and there has just been a heavy rain . . would enhance the experience.


On the way home, the fog started to burn off. We noticed that at Bass Lake, people were Tarzan swinging on a rope into the lake, then treading water for some period of time . . . makes me think that it actually might have been warm water…


Of course the sun does finally break through at the end of the hike… but hey, we didn’t get burned, either.



Beach day

By lunchtime, the official CastroCam temperature was over 90 degrees and rising… not much work can be done so I made the escape to the shore

Apparently lots of people played hookie – the parking lot/street were more filled with cars than I had seen in recent memory – and by 7 PM when I left, it was still quite crowded…

The tides could not have been better. Low tide, although not all that low at +1.8 feet, was at 3:40 PM

Returning home to a cooler 72 degree neighborhood, things looked considerable different than they had on Thursday evening about the same time, business as usual.

Today is another one that if it were always this way I couldn’t afford to live here. This was taken before sunrise at 05:25 this morning:


Finally posted my Chamisal photos

I finally got my photo collection of Brian & Ashley’s ranch posted at their own website

upper meadow

I find it odd that I don’t have any pictures from 2003, 2004, 2005 nor 2006. I know I was there.


Now we can get married in California, too . . .

So somebody please find me a husband.

It was a hot day yesterday – hit 95.9 here at cw5988 – and by the time the important EVPA meeting let out, the temperature was still hanging at 82 degrees outside the house and still over 90 inside. So what else to do? A bunch of people gathered on Castro Street in front of the Castro Theatre.

Out in the crowd were some SFFR friends

iim, Rob, Hal & Andrew

Not what I thought when I woke up

Someday I’ll figure out this picture alignment issue….

starters — the bottom and the “slats”

Long day . . . After breakfast, it was bike to the park for SFFrontRunners, but you have to be there early if you wanted a bike parking spot.

nice day for a run in the park

It was a big crowd, and many people are riding bikes because the roads are now closed on Saturdays, but sadly, the city can’t put more bike rack in until an environmental impact report is completed . . . that is about 2 years away from completion.

After the run, it was a rush to get to the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy to participate in the SF Muni TEP. It was a standing room only crowd (about 45 got stuck on their feet). The room will filled with a bunch of angry #35 and #37 line riders who are upset that the routes are being changed to either not go near them or to go down their street.

Sean, Nick, Axel & Tom

Here are a few friends that were at the GLAAD awards.


Levi’s won the GLAAD Award for best electronic ad — check this out:


Oh my aching back…

I could really use this thing tonight. . . .

This is the pile of “slats” as my good friend Jeffrey called them… that I started with this morning. Tapping them on was easy. I was left with a three inch (2.700 inches, to be exact) gap, so I had to manufacture a “key stave” to fill the final gap.


would this hold water??

But then when I started to tighten a ratchet nylon strap around the perimeter, gaps developed in the bottom! So starting all over again, leaving a tad bit of space between the staves, the “new” key stave was only 1-1/8″,


I got this by the end of the day. . .

I don't think this would hold water!
I don’t think this would hold water!

so tomorrow, after SF Front Runners and the Muni TEP, I’ll drill the holes for the spa jets which will be precisely located to best serve my spine, my calves and my ankles.. Hopefully, they will accommodate others, too.

Time for bed, another busy day tomorrow with the GLAD awards, thanks to my good friend Mark, who will have me eating beans for the next 8 weeks.