Fill’er Up!

After three trips to Lowes down by the airport, I finally got the right parts in the right sizes and cut the pipe to the right size, all glued onto place. After a quick lunch which gave the PVC cement some time to cure, it was long last the time to test my coperage skills.

After a quick interior rinse, I began to fill up the tub. Before there was even an inch of water over the bottom, two leaks started to show up — the two places where one could see some light between the staves after the initial tightening of the hoops.

It took exactly 30.0 minutes to fill’er up to six inches below the top. But for the initial break-in period, I took it all the way up. Hmmm . . . yep, a few leaks around the outside, all but one at the joints between staves at the bottom, the other leak being up at the top. It appears that the croze is holding well. What a reward for the work that the croze took. All it took was a few more turns on the hoop nuts and the biggest leak totally stopped. The rest continued to ooze a bit, but even only three hours later, the leak rate started to significantly drop off. They say in the business that it can take up to two weeks to leak-free. We’ll see.

The strong afternoon winds caused a seiche to form thus flipping the top 3/4″ of water out on over this sides. By late afternoon, the wind had also carried pollen to form a fine layer on the water surface, and as you can see from the pics, it didn’t take too long for he water fowl to foul the bottom.

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