So it’s been 5 days steeping the tannins out… Please don’t comment that I was a few minutes late taking the comparative photo this afternoon, I know I was…


I Like to Watch


I’ve posted my Frameline 32 choices. To see what I will probably be attending, visit

The field is initially looking week, particularly the Documentaries which are almost exclusively being shown at the Roxie and Victoria Theaters. I will NOT be attending any of the films at the Victoria — we’ve been pressing our luck too long at that location. It is an UMB right on top of Mission Creek.

See the entire Festival Program at


The tub gets placed in its new home

Thanks to my good friend Matt, who reminded me Thursday night of the benefits of using wheel, lever, and inclined plane, I managed to roll and flip the tub onto its foundation sans assistance. Not even damaging the drain hole plumbing on the bottom. Speaking of drains, if you were about to go down the drain, this would be your last view. . . .

I guess for that to really be your last view, you would also have to visualize water and maybe some feet dangling above.

Then the notable big oops, because I didn’t render the cement footings on the AutoCAD drawing, they stick out along the edges (yea, only I would even notice, you probably didn’t in the top pic…. so no way am I going to do a redo).

After the tub was on its feet, I drilled 2½” holes for the five jets and the second drain. Six holes later, the back looked a little like cheese….


At the end of the afternoon, I went over to an open-house at our new neighbors Andy & Ruth new hillside villa across the street. They get to look at the [lack of] my house paint job.

They have a great view from their back yard.

And speaking of views, visualize bubbling hot water at your feet….. The real vision is still weeks away — as I still need to buy a few pumps, filters and pipe it all together.


Another Weekend at The Chamisal

Lucky me . . I got to spend yet another weekend at the Chamisal. It was probably one of the coldest Memorial Day Weekends on record, but great for testing out the bike in the meadow and doing concrete work.

After an interesting annual meeting of the property owners’ association, a few of the neighbors came by to check out the garden, then . .
I did a quick test of my new (bought in September but still an off-road virgin) mountain bike. Way cool to actually sit on a seat while going over bumps. Then we pruned the chardonnay rousanne, marsanne and mourvedre in the vinyard till it got late.

A cool but sunny Monday was perfect for mixing up 16 sacks of concrete. For more pictures of the weekend, visit


Oh my aching back…

I could really use this thing tonight. . . .

This is the pile of “slats” as my good friend Jeffrey called them… that I started with this morning. Tapping them on was easy. I was left with a three inch (2.700 inches, to be exact) gap, so I had to manufacture a “key stave” to fill the final gap.


would this hold water??

But then when I started to tighten a ratchet nylon strap around the perimeter, gaps developed in the bottom! So starting all over again, leaving a tad bit of space between the staves, the “new” key stave was only 1-1/8″,


I got this by the end of the day. . .

I don't think this would hold water!
I don’t think this would hold water!

so tomorrow, after SF Front Runners and the Muni TEP, I’ll drill the holes for the spa jets which will be precisely located to best serve my spine, my calves and my ankles.. Hopefully, they will accommodate others, too.

Time for bed, another busy day tomorrow with the GLAD awards, thanks to my good friend Mark, who will have me eating beans for the next 8 weeks.